2018: the subtle layer (a series)

the subtle layer 001 – 2018

the subtle layer 002 – 2018

the subtle layer 003 – 2018

the subtle layer 004 – 2018

Think of the world as a double-exposure. The clearest part of the photograph is the physical, material world. This is what the majority of humanity mistakes for the sum total of reality. But there is a translucent ghost-image that is layered on top of and throughout the other. In truth, they are inextricably woven together. It is this quasi-reality through which our subtle bodies move, and it is the other objects and forces in this quasi-reality that our subtle bodies interact with and influence.

— The Psychic Vampire Codex

I started taking self portraits after an experience with sexual assault that also later brutally intersected with time I spent in time in front of camera for a photographer. The experience of feeling alienated from/repulsed by my own image sent me in search of both the curse and the method of reversal and led to me reclaiming my own reflection. I’m currently trying to find the words in an essay in progress tentatively titled, “Requiem for a Portrait.”

Break Me. 2018.

Truth or Dare. 2018.