Kristina Kay Robinson is a writer, curator, and visual artist born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her written, visual, and curatorial work centers the intellectual geographies of Black, Afro-Indigenous, and diasporic peoples and interrogates  the modern and ancient connections between world communities while examining the impact of globalization, militarism, and surveillance on society and their intersections with contemporary pop culture.

She is the coeditor of Mixed Company, a collection of short fiction and visual narratives by women of color. Her curatorial and artistic endeavors include Khalid Abdel Rahman’s ” A Disappearance” and Republica: Temple of Color and Sound, an aesthetic reimagining of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. She is the current editor of Room 220 , an online arts journal  and program of Antenna Gallery in New Orleans. She is a 2019 Monroe Fellow of Tulane University and nominee for the Rabkin Prize for visual arts journalism, her writing in various genres has appeared in Guernica, The Baffler, The Nation and Elle.com among other outlets. 

Please direct inquiries to: http://kkayrobinson@gmail.com


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