Photograph by Cosette Richard. 2018.

Republica: Temple of Color and Sound is a multi-modal arts project reimagining the past, present and future of the Gulf Coast region of North America. Inspired by early revolts in the Louisiana Colony such as the 1729 Natchez/Bambara revolt, the 1795 plot at Pointe Coupee and the 1811 German Coast Uprising, the largest slave revolt in United States History.  Republica: Temple of Color and Sound reimagines the 1811 revolt as a successful uprising of Black||Indigenous peoples. A physical and existential site of aesthetic freedom, Republica: Temple of Color and Sound engages literature, cinema, visual, and performance-art to bolster the radical imagination. Temple of Color and Sound is a mobile gathering, learning, ritual and performance space and moves about the territory and the world. A mobile shrine, learning, gathering and performance space dedicated to the memory and principles embodied by the rebellion; its proprietor is a woman named Maryam de Capita, played in persona by Kristina Kay Robinson.



PRETO/||PETRO is an aesthetic school of thought founded in REPUBLICA. Comprised of visual artists, performers, writers, witches, musicians and magicians—PRETO combines principles of color theory, tarot, Congo cosmology, cimmaron /marronage and the Black Radical Tradition. With PETRO drawing from bounce, screw, industrial, distorted sounds and house music to create a unique sound and mode of visual expression. Other influences: blaxploitation, fossil fuels, anarchism, and hallucinogens.