Photograph by Sokari Ekine. 2018.

Republica: Temple of Color and Sound is a multi-modal arts project reimagining the past and future of the Gulf Coast region of North America. The project is inspired by early revolts of African and Natives in the Louisiana Colony, such as the 1729 Natchez/Bambara revolt, the 1795 plot at Point Coupee and the 1811 German Coast Uprising, the largest revolt of enslaved people in America’s history. These uprisings serve as the historical starting points for this alternative timeline of events.

Republica: Temple of Color and Sound reimagines the revolt, however, as a successful uprising of Black||Indigenous peoples. Republica’s reimagined territory renders New Orleans and the area south of it, the second free Black republic in the northern hemisphere. Eventually the free territory expands to include the coastal area from Galveston, TX to the Florida Keys.

A physical and existential sight of aesthetic freedom, Republica: Temple of Color and Sound engages literature, cinema, visual, performance and culinary art to bolster the radical imagination necessary to ensure an equitable future for us all. Republica’s mission is to expandnotions of reading and seeing into the past, present, and future by highlighting the interplay between tradition and innovation.