Photograph by Cosette Richard. 2018.

Republica: Temple of Color and Sound is a multi-modal conceptual framework reimagining the past, present and future of the Gulf Coast region of North America. Inspired by early revolts in the Louisiana Colony such as the 1729 Natchez/Bambara revolt, the 1795 plot at Pointe Coupee and the 1811 German Coast Uprising, the largest slave revolt in United States History.  Republica: Temple of Color and Sound reimagines the 1811 revolt as a successful uprising of Black||Indigenous peoples resulting in a free territory held into perpetuity.

Republica: Temple of Color and Sound engages literature, cinema, sound, visual and performance-art to refuse the inevitability of the present moment dominates by the extraction of natural resources and white supremacy by presenting a critical fabulation of what the past could have been and what the future has the potential to become.

Republica: Temple of Color and Sound has been presented  in exhibition at “Welcome to the Afrofuture” during Miami Art Week, New Museum’s residency program, Ideas City and the New Orleans African American Museum. Both iterations of Republica :Temple of Color and Sound received enthusiastic  reviews in Sugarcane Magazine and most recently PIN-UP magazine. 


Photo by L. McKormick Ward. 2018.

A vehicle of the theory’s itinerant philosophy, Temple of Color and Sound is a mobile gathering, learning, ritual and performance space dedicated to the memory and principles embodied by the 1811 rebellion . Its proprietor is a woman named Maryam de Capita channeled by Kristina Kay Robinson.


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PRETO/||PETRO is an aesthetic school of thought founded in REPUBLICA. Comprised of visual artists, performers, writers, witches, musicians and magicians—PRETO combines principles of color theory, tarot, Congo cosmology, cimmaron /marronage and the Black Radical Tradition. With PETRO drawing from bounce, screw, industrial, distorted sounds and house music to create a unique sound and mode of visual expression. Other influences: blaxploitation, fossil fuels, anarchism, and hallucinogens.