“Letter from New Orleans: Down River Road”

“Per Capita” Massachusetts Review

Per Capita

Per Capita (full text)

Good Hair : Akosua Adoma Owusu at the CAC New Orleans.

Can Contemporary Art subvert or challenge the status quo without recreating it in New forms?

The Installation of Tragedy and the Ideology of Open Space

The Matrix of Creativity: Reading Tom Dent and Renegotiating Black Aesthetics in the New New Orleans

An Everything Is Love Cultural Playlist: 12 Films, Books, and Thinkers to Know

CURBED NOLA: Walking New Orleans oldest road

GO NOLA: The Enduring Legacy of Marie Laveau

ELLE.COM: What to Read, Hear, and See After Listening to Solange’s ‘A Seat at the Table’

THE NATION: My Journey From Louisiana to Havana and Back Again

ELLE.COM: Ten Books to Read after You’ve Watched Lemonade One Million Times

THE GUARDIAN: Sudanese artist on US road trip: ‘The story of civil rights is unfinished’ – video (featured||interview  for Culturerunners/The Guardian)

THE NATION: Rhythm, Water, and Global Blackness

THE NATION: Ten Years Since: A Meditation on New Orleans

GUERNICA: What’s Old is New Again

Talking with the editors of Mixed Company (interviewed by Jules Bentley for The Gambit)

The Liberation of America’s Black and NDN people is inextricable from the fate of peoples around the globe…

The Baffler: Diaspora: Breakfast With Mahmoud Darkish

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