MARRONAGE OF THE OCEAN: NEW ESSAY in Burnaway’s 2023 Reader: Where I’m Calling From.

A twitter debate about 400 Degreez vs Reasonable Doubt made me remember both New Orleans and NYC before gentrification. I have a new essay about it for Burnaway’s 2023 Reader: Where I’m Calling From.

Storms, Shakespeare, Juvenile’s “Ha” and a consideration of Simone Leigh’s, Loophole of Retreat Symposium at the Venice Biennale. In it, I’m also thinking through Black artists, writers, thinkers, etc. from below the Mason Dixon Line’s influence on popular culture and contemporary art, —how we show up and when we don’t , and the implications of it all.

On IG live later this week, Thursday, March 30 12:30 CST/ 1:30 EST with MATOU, IMAN PERSON to talk more about Black sonic technologies❤️‍🔥.

Idk, might write a part 2 for the streets 🔥🔥🔥


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